Comrade Sandeep Ghatak

trò chơi bài hayzoCITU is shocked and deeply grieved at the passing away of Comrade Sandeep Ghatak, Joint Secretary of CITU Varanasi district committee, due to Covid-19 pandemic in a hospital at Varanasi on 26 October at the age of 52.

trò chơi bài hayzoComrade Sandeep was a SFI functionary in Varanasi Hindu University during his college days. Later, working as a Medical Representative he was an all India activist of FMRAI’s council movement and was also its Varanasi unit secretary in Uttar Pradesh. He was a member of CPI(M) and was also the reporter at Varanasi of ‘Ganashakti’, CPI(M)’s West Bengal party daily newspaper.

trò chơi bài hayzoHe was very active in social work organising blood donation camp, flood relief work and relief among the migrant workers. He was active among the workers in industrial area and during railway factory workers movement in Varanasi.

trò chơi bài hayzoHe left behind his wife, who is also working as a Medical Representative, and his child daughter. As per his wish, his family donated his body in the hospital for medical study and research.

CITU conveys its condolence to Comrade Sandeep’s comrades and his family members.


Tapan Sen
trò chơi bài hayzo(General Secretary)

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